Link Aviation C-11B Instrument Trainer

This 1950’s era trainer was equipped with an electronic analogue AC computer, developed in 1948. From the Handbook: โ€œThe cockpit of the C-11B Trainer is essentially a mock-up of the F-80A aircraft. The instrument panel includes, besides the usual engine and flight indicators, navigational instruments, such as Type ID-249 Course Indicator, Type ID-250 Radio Magnetic Indicator, Distance Measuring Indicator, B-1 Attitude Gyro Indicator and Zero Reader. The right shelf includes AN/ARN-21 radio controls, Zero Reader selector switch, and radio selector switch and jack panel. The left shelf includes various flight, engine and accessory controls. The control stick and rudder pedals are pneumatically restricted in their movements to simulate realistically control loading of a jet aircraft. They are connected to pneumatic cylinders, the pressure of which is governed by the dynamic pressure factor (a relation of air speed, air density, etc.).โ€

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