Republic P-47D Thunderbolt “Hun Hunter XVI”

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a World War II-era fighter aircraft produced by the American aerospace company Republic Aviation from 1941 through 1945. Its primary armament was eight .50-caliber machine guns, and in the fighter-bomber ground-attack role it could carry five-inch rockets or a bomb load of 2,500 lb (1,100 kg). When fully loaded, the…

Thunderbolt Flight, 5-8-13

Tn Museum of Aviation features 2 of the worlds remaining 11 flying P47 Thunderbolts. Only here n the Smoky Mountains of East TN can you see these beauties fly on a regular basis… weather permitting

Vintage Thunderbolt Flyby

A friend of the Museum shot this video with a hand held camera, it had a neat vintage look to it. We hop you enjoy the sights and the sounds of the powerful P-47 Thunderbolts as they roar through the skies of East Tennessee