Tailwind Day

Join Us For This Special Event

Tailwind Day April 30, 2016 - FBpage

The Tennessee Museum of Aviation is honored to host a very special reunion.

Please join us, on April 30, 2016 between 10am and 3pm, as we welcome the men of Operating Location Alpha Alpha, Army SOG team members and members of two Marine aviation units, as they lead a detailed forum on Operation Tailwind.

In 1970, a Special Forces SOG team embarked on their deepest ever โ€œover the fenceโ€ mission 40+ miles into Laos from the Vietnam border. This team of 16 Americans and 120 Montagnard mercenaries acted as a diversionary force for a large CIA operation some 40 miles further into Laos. The team was surrounded by enemy forces, encountering 72 plus hours of constant combat. Every American was wounded at least once. More than fifty percent of the force were casualties, with 3 Montagnards KIA. They escaped with the largest and most valuable collection of enemy intelligence documents ever recovered in the Vietnam War. This extremely successful Multi-Service mission was called Operation Tailwind.

Visitors will have the opportunity to hear from the men who fought and carried out this extraordinary mission. The museum will open at 10am, with the forum starting at 1pm.