Escape to U Taphao


A documentary filmed, at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, in late April 2018 is now available on YouTube .ย  The 68 min film (with subtitles/closed caption) was produced by our friends at RBA Marketing & Media.

This is your opportunity to hear the amazing story from Roger Youngblood, one of the men responsible for rescuing four Skyraiders from U Taphao Air Base in Thailand on May 6, 1975.

Four Skyraiders at Tahkli
A-1E 132683, A-1H 135332, A-1H 139606, A-1H 139665
Photo courtesy of John Waresh

Read the Escape to U Taphao article in the Air & Space Magazine – January 1997 issue, written by Ralph Wetterhahn

Air & Space Magazine Jan 1997 Link: ESCAPE TO U TAPHAO