Become A Volunteer

The Tennessee Museum of Aviation offers our Volunteers the opportunity to become involved in several areas of day-to-day operations.  The array of activities within the Museum provides Volunteers the option to perform a variety of tasks.  Volunteers are most needed for guided tours and school field trips.  The flexible hours of our Volunteer Program is an added bonus for those with full or part time jobs or those retired individuals looking for something meaningful to simply devote a few hours a week.  The Museum prides itself on being a “living history” facility with several airworthy Warbirds in our hangar.  Our Volunteer Program is open to all qualified individuals with an interest in aviation and preserving history.  We’re looking for Volunteers who want to get involved, stay involved, and become a part of our Warbird Family.

Tour Guides (Docent):  This position has a wide array of duties.  Docents are vital with tour groups, providing supervision and implementing  safety procedures, while answering questions and providing information about our exhibits to groups of all ages.  Scheduled tour groups can range from pre-school to senior citizens, taking 45 minutes to 2 hours.  This position involves self-study and extensive contact with the public.

Events Chaperone:  The Museum hosts a number of children’s birthday parties.  Volunteers are needed to monitor these events and help with the before and after procedures.  The table and chair set-up and breakdown requires lifting approximately 40 pounds. Volunteers should be able to make sound judgment when dealing with guests; especially noisy children that could interfere with other visitors’ ability to enjoy the Museum or possibly cause damage to Museum property.  This position requires a diplomatic approach with a friendly attitude.

Aviation or History Host:  The Museum needs Volunteers interested in speaking to student tour groups.  Requires individuals who feel comfortable speaking in front of groups and enjoys history and storytelling.  Most student groups are interested in the life experiences of those who have served in the Armed Forces; therefore, the stories you’ve told to your children or grandchildren may help to change the life of a student.  The Museum staff will be glad to help individuals put together a presentation and discuss any thoughts for future lectures.  This position requires motivation and the ability to feel comfortable with public speaking.

Grounds Keeper:  The Museum has a small landscaped area around the facility.  Volunteers are needed for trimming, pruning, weed removal and mulching.  Although, a green-thumb is not required, kneeling for long periods of time and working with your hands are a requirement.  Various other tasks would include the removal of debris from the parking lot and tarmac, cleaning windows, carrying out trash and assisting with minor museum maintenance.  This position does not involve interaction with the public; however, the tasks required can be strenuous.

Exhibit Detailing:  Each visitor should have the opportunity to enjoy clean well-kept displays throughout the facility.  The static displays need to be dusted and maintained to best of our ability.  Not only are the hours flexible, it gives the Volunteer satisfaction in a job well done, while giving visitors a first-rate exhibit.  This position does not require any specific skill; however, it does entail supervision and instruction from a staff member.

Maintenance Facility:  The Maintenance Facility is an area where specific skills are required.  The maintenance performed on any aircraft, located at the Museum, is executed by our own certified A&P mechanic.  However, other tasks include cataloging and organizing aircraft parts, sweeping the hangar floor, taking out the trash, sanding sheet metal, and washing aircraft parts.  This position requires a certain skill level with the ability to work in a technical environment, and occasional strict supervision from the A&P.

 **Please note: The Restoration/Maintenance Facility is not open on Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Volunteer positions are limited in the Maintenance Facility. **

Restoration:  Aircraft restoration is a highly skilled and technical process.  The requirements for this position involve some degree of aircraft experience.  Although not mandatory, Volunteers should have mechanical and or sheet metal experience.  Restoration projects are an ongoing progression needing dedicated and skilled individuals with a basic knowledge of aircraft.  Several projects are awaiting skilled Volunteers to restore historic aircraft to Museum quality pieces.  The aircraft in the Museums’ inventory are valuable and cannot be replaced; knowledge with aircraft restoration is extremely valuable.  This position is a very technical area requiring adequate references and a pre-interview with an experienced staff member.

**Please note: The Restoration/Maintenance Facility is not open on Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Volunteer positions are limited in the Maintenance/Restoration Facility.**


Need to be at least 18 years of age

As a Volunteer, your conduct, while at the Museum, will be above reproach. This includes courtesy, work ethics, cooperation and appearance.  You will need to show other volunteers, staff members and visitors courtesy and respect.

Every volunteer is required to volunteer at least 8 hours a month or a total of 96 combined hours annually.

Volunteers will undergo a 50 hour probationary period.  The 50 hour period will take place during the first 7 months after signing up as a Volunteer.

We need capable, motivated and dedicated Men and Women who want to get involved, stay involved and become part of our “Warbird Family”


If you want to spend time educating museum visitors about aviation and aviation history; share your interest of aviation with other Volunteers; get involved and stay involved … fill out a Volunteer Application today.