North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

Aircraft Details


1 ร— 20 mm (0.79 in) M197 electric cannon (YOV-10D) or 4 ร— 7.62ร—51 mm M60C machine guns (OV-10D/D+), 5 fuselage and 2 underwing hardpoints


2 ร— Garrett T76-G-420/421 turboprop engines, 1,040 shp (780 kW) each equivalent

Max Speed:

250 kn (290 mph, 460 km/h) at sea level

Cruising Speed:

Not Available


Combat - 198 nmi (228 mi, 367 km), Ferry - 1,200 nmi (1,400 mi, 2,200 km) with auxiliary fuel

Wing Span:

40 ft 0 in (12.19 m)


44 ft 0 in (13.41 m)


15 ft 2 in (4.62 m)


14,444 lb (6,552 kg) (overload) Max Takeoff


Two with cargo compartment for personnel (no seats) or 3,200 lb (1,451 kg) of freight

Service Ceiling:

30,000 ft (9,100 m)

Aircraft History

The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is an American twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. It can carry up to 3,200 lb of external munitions, internal loads such as paratroopers or stretchers, and loiter for three or more hours.

Source: Wikipedia

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