COVID-19 Statement


The Tennessee Museum of Aviation temporarily closed on March 15th, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, June 9th, the museum will reopen to the public. After our 86-day closure, the museum is cautiously reopening and depending on our visitors, staff and volunteers to be patient while we work through this difficult and challenging time.

The museum is focusing on safety. Over the last 7-days, we have been establishing new safety procedures to ensure we do our part in following CDC and the State of Tennessee’s guidelines.

During this time of readjustment, we are relying on our visitors to follow all safety procedures. The overall goal, of these guidelines, will reduce exposure to individuals and surfaces that may result in COVID-19 exposure by maintaining safe distancing and improved sanitization of common surfaces, along with the use of personal protective equipment.

Facility Guidelines:
• Mask (cloth face covering) usage will apply to all individuals
• Individuals are asked to respect the 6-ft social distance rule
• Restrooms will frequently close for cleaning during business hours
• Hand sanitizer is available at the admissions desk, hangar access entrance and gift shop entrance
• Signage encouraging social distancing and wearing a protective mask are located throughout the facility
• High-touch surfaces (door handles) will be regularly disinfected

Noticeable Facility Changes and Policies:
• Clearly marked “Entrance” and “Exit” doors
• Admissions/Gift Shop queuing has been established
• A plexiglass barrier has been installed at the admissions/gift shop desk
• The A-4 Skyhawk cockpit canopy is closed
• Self-guided tours only — Docents will not be available for guided tours
• Group tours and children’s birthday parties are not permitted

As we set forth our reopening guidelines, the Tennessee Museum of Aviation is requesting our guests to be considerate of others while visiting our facility. Be personally responsible for YOUR actions.

• Be mindful of the COVID-19 symptoms. Please help us to keep the coronavirus out of our facility. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as a fever, coughing and shortness of breath — DO NOT VISIT TODAY.
• Be thoughtful of other visitors. Use common sense to maintain the 6-foot distancing rule.
• Bring your own personal mask (cloth face covering), along with hand sanitizer
• High-touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently. However, be personally responsible for yourself and your family members — use hand sanitizer.
• Restrooms may be closed for a short period of time for cleaning during business hours. This could be an inconvenience for you and your family members — but, it is for YOUR safety
• Encourage children to adhere to our guidelines

We look forward to welcoming back our loyal and frequent visitors, along with our museum members and first-time patrons … we hope your visit, to the museum, will somehow give you a feeling of “business as usual.”
Be safe. Be healthy.

Please continue to check back regularly, as our policies and guidelines may change in the future.